Heads up: I am on assignment from April 18th until.... I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back. April 27th-ish is a good possibility. 


Building on my love of building human connection,
I guide self care travel in Portland and other places around the world.  
Let me upgrade you. 


"She literally transported me to my new happy place."


To book an appointment, please email an inquiry to daphnepdx@protonmail.com or send a message from your board or mileage account. Include pertinent info.





 $300 per Hour

 Longer meetings By Request
Passport and tsa precheck advisee

About Me


a certified travel agent, i craft escapes based on love languages. This takes more time than it would with a generic travel agent and is more personalized.

it's important to know what type of vacation you are seeking to determine what will best fits your needs, desire and style. after reading through my site, contact me if you think what i provide would complement your life. some use terms like upscale and exclusive where there might not be basis for it. i strive to remain relatively exclusive and fresh while slowly expanding my client base. the people i wish to spend time with value quality over quantity. with me, you get an experienced and knowledgable agent who will safely guide you to the destination of your dreams.

My office is conveniently located near ohsu waterfront.

genuine connection is everything.


Generally I respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

please keep in mind i may be half way 'round
the world right now, in a different time zone,
so if i email in the middle of the night, that's why.