She had a hubcap diamond star halo.
— T Rex

Building on my love of
human connection, I guide self care travel in Portland and other places around the world.

 Let me upgrade you. 


"She literally transported me to my new happy place."


$400 per hour    

portland's best girlfriend experience. i'm a lively young lady passionate about adventure, great food, and good company. i like being eye candy. i love creating new experiences that result in joy.

former straight world career person

former dancer

current lover of life


daphnepdx@protonmail.com 503-298-6811
call or email. include your name and a number at which I can call you to get more acquainted.


About Me


a proud head-turner in a well-preserved 43 year old vessel. flirty. vivacious. positive, honest and genuine. Business degree, working on a liberal arts degree. spent A decade in financial services, now i'm enjoying life and improving the lives of others. my life is pretty charmed right now. can i augment yours?



reach out if you think what i provide would complement your life. some use terms like upscale and exclusive where there might not be basis for it. i'm exclusive. the people i wish to spend time with value quality over quantity. with me, you get an experienced and knowledgable partner who will safely guide you to the destination of your dreams.

My office is conveniently located near ohsu waterfront.


to be considered as a new friend, simply introduce yourself.
I prefer encrypted email.  daphnepdx@protonmail.com
texting or calling me otherwise is not preferred unless we have an established relationship. It is important that you do not reference any sexual services of any kind. I do not provide any type of "pay for play" service, arrangement or "donation". What happens between two adults is private.

please keep in mind i may be half way 'round
the world right now, in a different time zone,
so if i email in the middle of the night, that's why. 



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