Hi, I'm Daphne. 





 i'm a lively young lady passionate about adventure, well-prepared food, and great company. shall i show you around portland?  i love creating new experiences that result in joy.

After a decade or so in various, ahem, positions in the banking world, i HAVE MOVED INTO MORE pleasurable pursuits.

former trained dancer

current lover of life

advanced degree

Hourly $300

introduce yourself to book an appointment. we will speak briefly to determine mutual suitability.




a proud head-turner in a well-preserved 42 year old vessel, i look to be about 37 from what people tell me. sure, i have some wrinkles and flaws. i'm also flirty. vivacious. smart, patient, honest and genuine. i can play dumb very well and i have a Business degree; i'm working on liberal arts studies. In one word, i'm passionate. if we meet, you may see. it comes out in varying degrees depending on who i'm spending time with.



to be considered as a new friend, simply introduce yourself.
I prefer you do that via your board account i.e. eros, slixa, p411, tna, the hobby hunter. without, please email me. I prefer encrypted email set up a free protonmail account. daphnepdx@protonmail.com

It is important you do not reference any sexual services of any kind in any communication whatsoever. I do not provide any type of "pay for play" service, arrangement or anything in exchange for a donation. 




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