Daphne Rose


Can you handle real?




Impish beauty resembling a hot housewife, passionate about adventure and good times. I'm fun. Shall I show you around Portland?  Creating new experiences which result in joy stimulates me. Helping people enjoy their lives more invigorates me.

After a decade or so in various, ahem, positions in the banking world, I have moved into more pleasurable pursuits. Trained in dance. Lover of life. Educated and always learning.


 350/hr    450/1.5 hrs    600/2 hrs    900/3 hrs
While searching for a provider in Portland, know the average hourly rate for someone on the up-and-up is about $300. Hourly rates set considerably above or below that mark (think $150 or $700/hour) are suspect in my opinion, after having met many providers in the Portland area. Food for thought.

I  see Friends whose energy complements mine. Pansexual, which includes all races, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability. My office is wheelchair accessible.
New friends: Please plan for at least 90 minutes to get acquainted. Many
clients begin with three hours to jump start our connection.

One hour is acceptable for returning friends.

To see me:
Please complete my screening request form and I will be in touch if we seem compatible. It is paramount you do not mention anything having to do with adult entertainment or any pay-for-play service. I do not engage in illegal activity.

Subsequently, we will speak briefly to gauge mutual suitability. Please be patient and trust that not hearing from me immediately does not mean rejection. Sometimes i just need more time.





Although I like to plan meetings when possible, there's something very exciting to me about meeting "on the fly". If short-notice is something you're interested in, I can screen and clear you in advance so you can just call or text when you want to stop by. I work from home and have a malleable schedule. 

If you're new to this and nervous about getting together, I've seen quite a few new friends who are very nervous at first, who are able to relax with me. I'm super easy going and laid back and as long as you follow the rules which will be laid out for you, you will have a great time. Promise. If either of us are ever not having a great time, we part ways. Simple as that.

Here when you're ready.



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